The agricultural products export

The «A.S.K. Technik» company has been exporting the local agricultural products since 2013. The company continues to expand its international trade network and exporting agricultural products to such countries as:





CIS countries

Baltic Countries

European Union Countries

and others

The main export commodities our company offers are:

The «A.S.K. Technik» company is present in all regions of Kazakhstan which are producing the agricultural products. Via our regional offices and representatives we are in direct contact with the thousands of local farmers. The «A.S.K. Technik» company is also possesses its own state-of-the-art storage silos, which allows us to maintain the quality of products.

Thanks to our experience in the logistics the «A.S.K. Technik» company is always ready to offer you the most convenient and fast solutions for the delivery of products to the destination. 

We are looking forward for long lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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